Dribbl Programs

The Dribbl program aims to develop and refine skills such as shooting, passing, footwork, and ball-handling.

For the earliest athletes, Dribbl focuses on getting kids comfortable on the court while improving basic motor skills such as jumping, running, and sliding. For the older kids, Dribbl also offers a chance to apply the skills they’ve learned toward timed league games.


Fall, Winter, Spring

Pre-K & K

50-minute sessions get kids comfortable on the court with a ball in their hands. PE-style games and pop music keep 'em moving and having a great time while they learn the basics.


1st-3rd grades

80-minute sessions progress to include more challenging drills, tactical plays, and half-court scrimmages.


4th-8th grades

80-minute sessions are segmented into 30 minutes of skills and drills, followed by “league” games. Balanced teams play scored, timed games with weekly standings and a play-off at the end of each season.


Holiday & Summer Camps

No school? No problem. Keep active and have fun with the Dribbl coaches at our various holiday and summer sessions.


2019 Schedule

February 18-19

Presidents’ Day Camp, Dalton PE Center

March 18-22

Spring Break Camp, Dalton PE Center

March 25-29

Spring Break Camp, Dalton PE Center

June 12-14

Dribbl Brooklyn Camp, Brooklyn Friends School

June 17-21

Dribbl Training Camp, Dalton PE Center

June 24-28

Dribbl Basketball Camp, Dalton PE Center


Dribbl at the Beach Camp, Southampton Rec Center


Hamptons Basketball Camp, Southampton Rec Center